Music Theme : “Autumn” songs

With the Autumn Equinox bringing on the official Fall season, we look back on songs about this season. While of the four seasons, Autumn (or Fall) seems to generate the fewest song titles, we see more inspiration from classical forms of music compared to contemporary music of recent decades. Here is a list of songs that feature “Autumn” or “Fall” in their titles. Songs in no particular order with a playlist on the end.

Autumn Leaves – Roger Williams

Autumn Leaves Are Falling – Clannad

The Boys of Fall – Kenny Chesney

L’autunno / Autumn (from The Four Seasons) – Antonio Vivaldi

Early Autumn – Stan Getz

Autumn in New York – Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

Autumn of My Life – Bobby Goldsboro

Forever Autumn – Justin Hayward

Autumn Love Song – Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra

Chill of an Early Fall – George Strait

Autumn In New York – Frank Sinatra

Autumn Goodbye – Britney Spears

Autumn Wind (Raiders Theme song) – Steve Sabol



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